Village Life

A survey carried out in the US found that people chose to live in a retirement village community for the following reasons

  • Ease of maintaining home
  • Ability to live independently
  • Save Money

  • Personal safety

  • Enjoy a sense of community

  • Life satisfaction

  • Access to activities and entertainment

  • Happiness

  • Social Interaction

  • Personal privacy

  • Physical and mental health

“We were reluctant to leave Dublin but after reading about this senior cohousing development I was tempted to check it out. The homes are comfortable and spacious. I really love the 9 foot high ceilings and there is ample space for visitors to stay over. There is a great sense of community at Clarina Village. Limerick train station is only about 10 minutes away and we regularly return to Dublin to meet up with family and friends. I would highly recommend Clarina Village.”

Longevity and Quality of life

This type of living attracts proactive individuals who are interested in improving their own lives. Social interaction and regular activity improves physical health, increases longevity and reduces the risk for mental health issues. Our local resource centre provides a range of activities such as
  • Social Dancing

  • Card Playing

  • Meditation and Wellness Classes

  • Drama Classes

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Art Classes

  • Pilates

  • Osteofit

  • Active Retirement Group